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Is it sad that I buy myself greeting cards? (Only for you, because you’re not getting them!)

I started collecting greeting cards when I was living in Los Angeles many years ago. Mostly funny stuff. I didn’t like it out there. And those cards were my happy place. I’d hang out at Target, gift shops, etc…for hours and gather all the good ones.

About a decade later, when I was going through the worst, ickiest, dickiest, yuckiest, suckiest, f*ckiest, crappiest, no-at-all-toe-tappiest time of my life, I got myself the one in the photo. (Well, not exactly this one. I recently lost the actual one during a move and I’m going mental, which is why this.) It featured a photo of a little girl walking away, coat and hat on, carrying a suitcase like she was DUHN. And it said, “Letting go of what you want, teaches you what you don’t.” I was all, “Preach, tiny stranger in a greeting card!” It was exactly what I needed to hear in order to feel what I had to feel. Heart murder. Ow. Try. Ow. Can’t. Try again. Nope. Bye.  

I set it on my desk and looked at it every day. Got a little more air in my lungs every day. Fell down. Got up. Fell down. Got up. Got up, up, up! And here I am today. Prefect. The end. (Well, y’know.)

So, buy yourself a greeting card, b*itches. Be your own best friend and all that junk.