Just to be clear, the sophomoric tactic I used to get you to click through to my site is a “loose” example of how I grab people. (Although I’m not above being sophomoric.)

Relevance is my game, and after over 30 years, I play it well. I know what’s special about your business, and I know who thinks so. And THEY are who I will talk to…in their language. (I speak fluent Everybody.)

That said, I don’t like to cast a wide net. That’s for rookies and chickens and people who don’t understand the beauty of their own business.

I’m more of a harpoon girl. Identify the target, shoot, bullseye!

EXAMPLE: I’m not gonna waste your resources marketing green juice to teens. They think they’re immortal and that your product tastes like ass.

Green juice is for old people in their 30s who have recently discovered consequences. Drinking your product after a bender makes them feel responsible. We’ll leverage their shame and go heavy on digital ads as they binge-watch Dexter from their laptops in bed on Sunday.


Lynda, I must contact you immediately.