The first reaction I got to my voice acting was, “You suck.”

But I love a challenge, so I set out to prove the guy who said that wrong. Or better yet, that I could get work even if I did suck…which I totally did.

So I learned and trained and strong-armed my way into voice acting, and I got pretty good. Probably because, as a writer, I understand copy…and clients…and consumers.

These days, people hire me a lot.

So now that guy can eat shit.

But he’s dead, so I guess I’ll let him off the hook.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not disrespecting the dead. I adored the dickhead who said I sucked. He was my first boss in advertising and he taught me a ton. I wouldn’t have a writing or acting career without him. But he WAS an asshole. Which he would take as a compliment. So unclench your butt cheeks.

Anyway, the roles I get most often are: mom, girlfriend, snotty receptionist, sarcastic friend, and sometimes the script will even say, “Lynda Crotty type”. That’s when you think you’ve arrived…until your role goes to someone else. Weird ass business. But I have just enough self-loathing to stick with it.

Listen to my voiceover demos below. Then contact my agent for a booking. Thanks!



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