While I’m pint-sized and perky as hell, don’t let that fool you. I could snap John Cena like a twig with one quip. And THAT is how I get business…physical violence. Wait. I mean razor-sharp wit and airtight strategy.

I started in the ad biz in a very unconventional way…the only way I roll.

I didn’t have a “book”. I didn’t have a degree. I didn’t go to Ad School.


Chutzpah, a potty mouth, a crapload of ambition, and a darling little girl to support. (I brought her into the world when I was 18…fresh out of Catholic school.)

Needless to say, I wasn’t lacking in motivation to earn some cash. But I was lacking in common sense, evidenced by the fact that I shamelessly bulldozed my way into my first copywriting interview with a shitty little self-produced radio demo.

This was outrageously ridiculous for three reasons.

One: Nobody gave the tiniest d*ck about radio because it wasn’t the 1950s. (But since my mom was one of those obsessed radio contesters, I grew up with several stations blaring all day, every day, so I knew radio advertising REALLY well.)

Two: The crazy-talented guy I wanted to work for, who was one of a few people in the country who specialized in radio, was conveniently located in the Twin Cities.

Three: I got the interview because my sister worked on the same floor as that guy and he liked her short skirts and how she bent over a lot. (Thanks, Gina!)

Aaaaaaanyway, the guy agreed my demo sounded like ass but he loved my writing. I worked for him for six years…won a bunch of awards…yada. Then I went to LA for three horrendous years. And finally came back to Minnesota to do my own thing.

So, how many years is that? Carry the two…twenty five! (Damn. Am I too old for skinny jeans?)

Oh, and I write way more than radio these days, (TV, print, social media, web content, mean e-mails to a-holes, you name it.)

Check it all out herethen send me a huge, fun project ASAP. Thanks. You’re awesome.