Do Less Get More

by | Sep 17, 2020 | 0 comments

Doing less to get more.

“Well, if that doesn’t put the moron in oxymoron,” you ask, “What does?”

Good question, whoever you are.

A few years ago, I was with you. Grinding. Focusing. Efforting my face off. And it was a few of the worst years in my business on record.

In fact, my business is healthier during a pandemic than it was when we could go around willy nilly, sweating all over each other at hot yoga, eating in restaurants, and dressing cute from the waist down.

So, how’d it shift?

I slowed my roll, took stock, and started trusting myself, being myself, and realizing that the “era of disappearing projects”, as I woefully dubbed it, (because they were coming in, but I was somehow chasing them away) was not personal, it was spiritual.


Here’s what I mean:

1.) Instead of starting my day checking my e-mail, I started with meditation…which was really hard at first, then I couldn’t live without it. (If the cake is always on bake, it’s gonna get fried.)

2.) Instead of being pissed at prodigal projects, I felt gratitude for the engagement, no matter how brief or unfulfilling, and trusted that, if they were right for me, they would come back, or something better would. (Feel that last part, that is faith on blast, baby.)

3.) I honored the work I was getting, much of which felt like a slog, or “beneath me” and gave it my all.

4.) I just simply calmed the F down and accepted that this was all purposeful, not a punishment, no matter how painful, and tried to acknowledge my part. Owie. But I had a part…or two.

5.) I utilized my talents doing super cool shit I love – outside of work, which emboldened me around said talents. (This is a good one no matter how things are going. You’re happier, and those benefitting from your talents and happiness are psyched as well.)

There’s probably more but I’ll stop there because I have super fun projects to work on!

Also, there’s a whole podcast episode on this topic dropping Friday, 9/18/20 at 7 am CST called Do Less Get More. It’s the latest from Fix Your Chit. Check it out while you’re doing less, kay?


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