Gimme That Gift!

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You finally mustered up the guts, got sick and tired of being sick and tired, or were just plain squeezed right out of your old life.

So, you’re trying the thing. The thing you really want to do. The thing that comes oh, so naturally to you. The thing you do when you’re supposed to be doing other things. The thing you’d do (and probably have been doing) for free.

And when you’re doing it, you lose all sense of time, space, and reality, because this is your dream.

It’s been calling to you, begging for your attention, nagging at you, relentlessly, like a kid who wants candy.

And at long last you say, “Okay, kid. Let’s get you that damn candy!”

You’re jazzed. You’re stoked. You’re on fire for that candy.

Just one foot in its direction feels like a defibrillator. Like your first breath. Like why you were chosen from 1 in 400 trillion (the odds of being born) to even take that breath.

You’re doing the thing!



What’s this? A glitch? A speed bump? A pothole? A mother f*cking BLACK hole?

No fair. You just got started. Got a little traction. You were even ramping up toward momentum.

Then trouble struck. The project was put on hold. The client backed out. Your funding faded. Somebody said you sucked. Said you were crazy. Said you made a mistake. And the worst part…you believed them.

Now what?

Do you recalibrate? Pivot? Ask for help? Freeze? Or just chuck it all and chalk it up to wishful thinking.


You’ve come this far. Even if it’s not that far. This is your dream. And if you quit this dream, you will be exactly where you were (or worse) than before. And scarier still, your dream might up and quit YOU.


So, you get back in there.

Go on.

Yeah, it might suck. It might be hard. It might be humiliating, expensive, redundant, ridiculous, but it’s yours. Your gift. And gifts were meant to be given. Don’t you take that gift from us. You have no right. You owe the world your gift. So, not only are you gonna turn back toward it, you are gonna make it the best, biggest, most beautiful gift it can be, then you’re gonna wrap it, share it, and watch us all freak the f*ck out out over it. 


Okay, sweetie. Good talk.

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