They Don’t Get You.

by | Oct 1, 2018 | 0 comments

“They don’t get you.” Abraham Hicks

How many times have you had a great idea, or gotten so excited about something and then…

Just that. 

Ellipsis. Dot, dot, dot. Unfinished business. Slow death. Nothingness. Why? Why unique, talented, brilliant, lovely human? Why?

Because you started talking yourself out of it almost as soon as it occurred to you – with the help of those you enlisted to be your focus group. Which is puzzling because we all know focus groups are contrived bullshit designed to suck the life out of great ideas. “Hey, critics! Be critical. Piss all over this cool thing I thought of because then I won’t have to do anything about it, or have success with it, or happiness around it, or make a better life for myself and my family because I love you, critics, more than I love myself or my kids. 


That is so messed up. But we all do it. I do it. I’m doing it right now as I write this and not my book, or next podcast episode, or outline for a speaking engagement. (So this is mostly me yelling at myself, but hopefully you’ll benefit.)

But where does that self-sabotage come from?

Abraham notes, “You say, ‘I want this.’ And then you test the waters to see how others feel about it. And if they are disapproving, you second guess it. Trying to get others to ‘get you’ is the thing that messes up your energy more than all other things put together. Life gave you a desire, but when you feel like you need to explain why you want it, then you go back to the absence of it, which weakens you.”

Okay. So, if the absence of what we want weakens us, why do we go in search of its absence?

I think that differs for everyone. You don’t think you deserve it. You don’t like change. You don’t like attention. You don’t like money. You don’t want to embarrass yourself shopping your thing around once you create it because that looks desperate and you want to seem cool and like you don’t give a rip because awesome shit just happens to you since you’re a mystical beastess who doesn’t have to stoop to such regular human levels of neediness because YOU DON’T NEED ANYBODY!

Or something.

So, I’ll keep trying to figure out my reason… 

Good luck with yours.

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