Yes, I have a podcast. Who doesn’t?

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Why a podcast, and why now, you ask?

Well, first of all, way to keep up. We’re 18 episodes in and have a 5-star rating on iTunes. (Because 8 people were nice.) 

But that’s cool. You’re busy. You have priorities. Like a job and kids, and Netflix shows to binge-watch. (Are you watching Killing Eve? Holy crap, please tell me you’re watching Killing Eve! And GLOW, and Stranger Things, and Catastrophe.) 

See? I get it. Why the hell would you want to put a show without pictures on your list of fun things to do? Why would you want to listen to a stupid podcast called Fix Your Chit from a couple of nobodies who get all geeky over self-help and psychology and yoga and spirituality? “How original, Lynda,” You eye roll. “Let me guess. You’re a middle-aged mom who thinks she has some incredibly sage advice to espouse.”

Not exactly. Although my podcast partner, Lisa is super smart. She’s a Yoga Therapist who specializes in disordered eating and she’s also a Registered Dietician. I write commercials about pest control and beds and malls, but I love to overshare about all the stuff I’m still working through. So if you’re shy and like to live vicariously through people who aren’t, or if you like hearing people tell on themselves, or if you were just sitting there staring at your inbox thinking, “I hope some newsletter I forgot to unsubscribe from shows up to pimp their podcast.”  Well, this is your lucky day!

Okay, so like I said, it’s called Fix Your Chit. (Chit is the highest version of you. Unlike its evil twin chitta, or the monkey mind, which is what happens when we forget how awesome we are and freak out, and start swinging from trees, and flinging poo at each other. Kinda. Lisa could explain it better.) Anyway, again it’s on iTunes, and Spotify and you can also find it at 

So far, our most popular episodes are on Procrastination, Manifesting, and the one about our biggest screw-ups, aka, Face In Dirt. Maybe start with one of those and see what you think?

Then send us feedback, or suggest a show topic, or complain about my potty mouth. It’s all good. We’re just in it for the, the, the…why in God’s name are we in it? We don’t get paid, we don’t have personal brands, we’re not influencers. 

Wow, this was just one of many bad decisions, I guess. Oh, well. We hear it’s funny and sometimes enlightening and good background fodder whilst cleaning your toilet.

Maybe that should be our tagline? FIX YOUR CHIT. THE PODCAST TO KINDA LISTEN TO WHILE SCRUBBING THE CAN. I love it. Thanks for your help.

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