Your Filthy Mind

by | Mar 25, 2021 | 0 comments

Think on this: that thing you call your mind isn’t even real. It’s just…thoughts, but they can be a real sh*tshow.

And that steaming pile of intangibles might be crapping all over your actual life.

Time to flush, friends!

The thing is, you’re probably not even aware of most of the thoughts you think. You’ve likely been thinking them for a good portion of your life, and what’s more, many of them aren’t even yours. Lots of your thoughts are the (immaterial) property of some well-meaning or mean-meaning other, yet you’ve been kind enough to carry them around, every single day, without questioning where they came from, or how they might be messing with your mojo.

The answer? A lot.

In her book, Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess, Neuroscientist Caroline Leaf teaches you how to use your BRAIN to train your MIND (they’re not the same!) to think only thoughts that will make it past the velvet ropes of your cool-new-life club. (Because, change your thoughts, change errything!)

It’s a 5 step process, completed over a 9 week period, and it has apparently resulted in an 81% success rate of turning shit thoughts into shiny ones. (My words.)

We talk all about it in episode 91 of Fix Your Chit called “Pick The Apples” (our title is based on a quote from the author who said, “Not training your mind to think better thoughts is like standing under the apple tree and letting the apples hit you on the head instead of picking them.” She’s v clevs.) Check it out, gang.


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